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I don't why but it seems my sales each month are always the same. It's in the same range each month. I just find it weird that it never goes really low or really high. Anyone else experience this? Not accusing anyone of anything just strange. On the other hand my kung fu book sold the most it ever has. Wish they'd all been paperback but it did beat my record albeit a small one Smiley Happy


  • I find that they sell roughly the same each month and then sales will suddenly take a jump, and then stay there. That's happened 3 times so far, where sales have been roughly the same (+-20 per month) for 6 months or so and then suddenly they'll jump (they almost double each time) and then they stay at that level for the next few months.


    I've never really worked out what causes the jumps.

  • Just seems strange with millions of people in the world and all the places our books are listed that the sales would remain the same each month. I'd love for mine to double for a few months. Got one more coming soon and two more on the way. Maybe that will help.

  • @Shadowmonkey - you often mention your sales, but you do not share what marketing you are doing to draw attention to your books. If you are marketing and do not see results, perhaps you should consider a different advertising method. Authors often have to experiment with several different marketing strategies to find the one that works best for their targeted audience. 

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    @Shadow -- I do no marketing at all so when I sell I am in shock and so so grateful. I can't believe someone wanted to buy my book let alone four of them!


    Anyway, I guess everything is relative.

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  • Like Maggie I do no promotion at all - I'm far too busy writing - so I am grateful for each and every sale. What is even more satisfying than sales is that my books have been downloaded close on 4000 time through distribution, and a little on Kindle, so hopefully that amounts to at least a few dozen happy readers. If I can inspire even just one person to think beyond whatever limitations might have constrained their lives and to reach for the stars then I consider that a success.

  • I wasn't complaining about the "lack" of sales but commenting on the strange fact that the number is almost the exact same each month. I have the same number of books out and it seems that each month my report says the same thing within 2 to 4 sales. Just strange that it doesn't vary. My marketing is done with videos on youtube listing links, facebook page, working with the search tags on amazon which gets the book shown within the first 1 to 3 pages of search. I found this alone has increased sales of one book by five books a month. I change them whenever it starts to slide further into the search. I also add the title in a Also by the author or suggested reading in my other books. I've taken out a couple of small ads in local papers and our school website includes a cover picture and link to amazon. I understand that the book is a "niche" book and so won't be a bestseller or anything. Again it's just sales number each month being close to the same that is strange. Some others said the same thing. Maybe it's just coincidence don't lol. Again not accusing anyone of anything just something I noticed and was asking if anyone noticed the same and they did. I'm happy people are buying my books and the Kung fu book is getting great reviews and starting to sell more. I'm very blessed I wrote something that someone thought enough about to buy and read.

  • @Maggie and Sandra - Each to their own, obviously, but not doing any marketing at all seems a waste. By which I mean that you've spent all that time and effort creating this thing that you're obviously proud of, and then you have to rely on good luck for someone to find it.


    Marketing doesn't have to be onerous. I don't spend a lot of time on it myself and rely a lot on word of mouth, but spending a bit of time on Goodreads or sending your book away to a reviewer or putting it on a mailing list can work wonders, and only takes a few minutes. Or, like Shadowmonkey says, spend a few minutes getting the keywords right etc. Every little helps, and once you hit a critical mass of sales, word of mouth will help with the rest.


    I mean this entirely constructively, by the way, and no offence is meant.

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    It isn't a waste; it's a choice.


    I much prefer to take  my dog out for a walk, or cook for my offspring, or read, or Work. I also like to meet my friends for breakfast, go to the gym, and a slew of other things which are more important to me than telling people to buy my books.


    I made my books for myself, for various reasons -- and they accomplished what I needed them for. Since they were made I figured, why not at least make them available for others? Money is not always the goal.

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  • I have had 67 sales since the start of the year. Not great, but no kick in the eye either.


    I have just bought a book called 'How To Control People's Minds By Remote Control' so once I've finished reading it I am going to send a message to each person on the planet telling them to buy my book and the sales should pick up.


    Seriously though, I know you are correct, Richard, but I am going through such a productive phase at the moment that I just want to get everything down before the tide turns.

  • Fair enough.


    Like I say, I didn't mean any offence by what I said, and each to his/her own. I wish you both the best of luck.


    Although I have to say that remote control mind control is complete nonsense and...


    ...hang on...


    Strange. I've forgotten what I was saying. Anyway, I'm just off to buy all Sandra's books...

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