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I've found it a bit hard to determine my costs in general on Lulu, but have not found anything on my cost for proof copies. I think I'm getting close to getting my writing done so I can start the publishing process (first timer) and I'm not sure if i should continue to print more proof copies here or if it would be more convenient (if not too expensive) if I have to do a couple rounds of ordering a proof copy.


For reference, I'm doing a 6x9 paperback of <100 pages.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    When you are logged in Cost should be the only price you see within your My Projects pages. Click Revise on a Project Name. (Not a Draft becaus that takes you back to where you left off in a Wizard)


    There's a tool within Project Wizards that also tells you the Cost and you can add Royalties to that, but if logged in you only pay Cost.


    Why do/would you need to keep buying Proofs? Make sure everything is as it should be in your original file on your PC. Check it a 100 times, once you are happy with that, create it as a Wizard Project, then order a Proof as, hopefully, a final check.


    POD is not cheap, even Proof copies are not cheap.

  • Hello rochrunner


    You can go to the book builder page (Create > Print Book), select the product line and book size, enter the number of pages and the calculator will display the manufacturing cost for the book. This is the price, plus tax and shipping, you will pay for a proof copy.



  • Glenn: Further on this question; the cost calculator does not seem to factor in if the cover is Black & White or colour. Is there a different price between colour or a B&W book cover? If so, where does that input show in the cost calculator?


    -Brian Hinkley

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    By default the covers are counted as being full-colour even if you create a B & W one.


    You wont really get an exact Cost for your book until you create it.

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