Really Annoying



I purchased some copies of my book on behalf of a store in Ireland last night (I am in Australia) and filled in the Shipping form with their details and the Billing form with my own details. All is fine there and as far as I know everything is in process.

However, now when I go to Lulu store, I am told I am in the GB store and asked if I want to stay there or change back to Australia. I choose Australia and am redirected back to the store. Then when I click on a Category (Genre), the popup appears again asking which store I want.

I have cleared Cache and Cookies and still getting it.

Is this an issue with Lulu's website? I have noticed a few links on the site as well do not work. I am beginning, to be honest, particularly after the muck-up with a book order two weeks ago, to question Lulu's competence.


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