Even Page Footer/Header Tabs on Odd Pages and Vice Versa. Disregard?

I'm using the style guide that I downloaded from Lulu and I'm trying to position my illustrations and text on the correct pages to begin the first chapter. I notice when I double-click the footer or header sections to see the tab markers that the odd pages have an Even Page section tab on it, and the odd pages have an Even Page tab on them. But I know the pages are odds and evens by their preset margins. Should I just disregard the footer and header tab labels? (Included a screen capture.)


  • If there is an odd page section break, the even page does not display when viewed on your computer. It will, however, print and include the correct page number.

  • Thanks Glenn. So, even if the section break tabs show Even Page when the page is really odd, that shouldn't affect my pages when its time to print them, should it? My first chapter page begins on page 1 but the section break tabs have the page labeled as an even page but I know the page is odd by the preset margins.

  • You can always print the chapter to make sure the layout is correct.


    Using the style guide document as a template can be a very tricky process if you do not have "mad" MS Word formatting skills. I would suggest you use the guide as a guide and use the blank template to create your manuscript. However, that is just a suggestion.

  • Good idea! Thanks Glenn. Didn't think about printing out the pages to test them (thumbs up!). And yeah, this MS Word is kickin' my rear!

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