Creating a One Piece Cover with the Lulu Wizard

In creating a cover for my second book processed by Lulu, it seemed to me the program was looking for photos, jpg files, and nothing else.  Great for my front cover, because I had the title, subtitle, and author superimposed on a photo.  This picture served as the cover.  When I tried to submit Backcover Notes, however, I found no place to import the text.  After trying and failing to create a "backcover" jpg file, I retreated to a single Scripture text, which easily worked into a jpg file, and just as

easily was inserted onto my backcover.  Lulu, of course, added my ISBN and barcode nicely.  In the first book I did with Lulu my backcover was created wtih another selection button that gave me the opportunity of putting in a small photo of myself along with the cover notes.  Can someone tell me what happened to me between my creation of Cover 1 (for my first book) and Cover 2 (for my second book)?  Thanks and blessings for any and all the help offered me on this matter.  BrotherCaedfile


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    What I do is ignore all the many frames and just create two images on my PC containing everything I want, each the same size as the pages, one for the front and one for the back, upload them to the CW and just drag/paste them right over everything. If you do that make sure you delete the autoplaced text except on the spine.

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