Pictures moving in Ebooks

I've noticed that in some of my published books on Amazon and other outlets that the pictures seem to be out of place. It may be that I need to enlarge or decrease the font while viewing. What I want to know is how to make sure that the photos or graphs stay put while converting from Word to epub. I use the insert button and the the format position in Word to place the photos is there something Im missing?


  • Images will be moved to the center of the page with text above and below the image (centered, in-line) during conversion. When I am working on an eBook conversion, I usually create a new style to apply to images that includes some extra space above and below the image.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I'm not sure what you're doing but, for example, if you are trying to insert
    a graphic, e.g. a graph in excel, it is always best to convert it to a jpeg file
    instead of inserting the .xml file into your document. If you simply copy and
    paste the graph into your document it won't work so well when you convert to an epub.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Wrap square/centered, decrease size of image if in line with text doesn't work. Images shouldn't move.

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  • I use insert picture then use the format option. I may have clicked on it dragged it into place. Might have been the problem.

  • Hello. I am seeing the images I insert with text above and below in most cases. However, there are instances where the image moves up to the top of the next page (when it is too large to fit on the page, I presume), leaving blank space on the previous page. I have attached a screen shot to show you what I mean. Is there any way of avoiding this blank space? I understand it will depend what device you view the ebook on, but it doesn't look very professional. Should I move the images to end of a chapter on a separate page and assign a heading instead, do you think? Many thanks

  • It will depend on what it's read on, and what I have seen, when people enlarge or reduce the font size, the images always stay the same size, so as per your example and what you think, the image will not fit that space so it's moved into the next screen, or whatever, but still with the correct text top and bottom. At least it's not flowing the text or the images may not end up near the correct text!


    Your screenshot does not look that bad to me.

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