ineligible on iBooks

All of my books are suddenly ineligible on the iBook store! There are no details given, just not on iBooks anymore and all are ineligible for iBooks on the Manage page. What's going on?


  • Raise a ticket with Lulu Support and find out.


    iBookstore sometimes changes their distribution rules or notice something about your book they had not previously.

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  • I had the exact same problem. I raised a ticket over 2 weeks ago and I have heard nada.

  • I could understand that, if it were one book, but this is all my books, under two different author names. They are different genres. 

  • Hi AndyBets


    I see that you have submitted a support case. I will follow up with the eBook distribution specialist on your case. She will respond through the case when she has more information.

  • thank you

  • @andybetts 



    I think Sarah has responded to both of you about iBookstore availability.

    We will continue to seek better ways to alert authors when their books are removed by online retailers.


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