Ebook and forbidden text boxes and Jpegs

Hi, I have tried uploading my EPUB on several occasions but I keep getting the same error message about text boxes. I did not have any text boxes inserted in my document. I also carried out the necessary checks as desbribed in the guide and there weren't no text boxes. I had one picture which I have now deleted. I have several other checks including checking the header and footer for text boxes but the same error message when uploading onto Lulu. Can you help?


  • The simplest way to cure all of that is to copy the body text. Paste it to something basic like Notepad as txt (not rtxt). Open a 100% new Word document (not a template). Copy the text from Notepad. Paste it as txt to the new Word document.

    You may have to reformat many broken lines, but it does not take long.

    Then use Heading Style 1 on what words you wish to be in your TOC. Title. Copyright. Chapter Names. Stuff like that.

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