help with epub errors...



I've been trying to upload an epub file.

I've received error messages, most I've figured out and fixed... the list below is baffeling.


can anyone here help?


WARNING: [email protected]:uid content 'fd69b70d-d08b-137f-471e-2e340d37aa6e' should conform to unique-identifier in content.opf: 'urn:uuid:fd69b70d-d08b-137f-471e-2e340d37aa6e' in OEBPS/toc.ncx

ERROR: date value '' is not valid as per zero-length string in OEBPS/content.opf on line 2
ERROR: element "navMap" incomplete; missing required element "navPoint" in OEBPS/toc.ncx on line 3
ERROR: Publisher value is missing in OEBPS/content.opf
ERROR: Unable to locate a valid publication date. A date with the event attribute publication (opf:event=publication) is required in OEBPS/content.opf
ERROR: Unable to locate a valid creator. A creator with the author role (role=aut) and the file-as attribute is required in OEBPS/content.opf


  • Greetings.


    Why not upload a Word manuscript to Lulu and edit the epub they provide? It'll save you lots of time.


    Regarding the creator, date, and publisher, you can add those in the metadata and update your toc.



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