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I've just noticed that some of my titles are on S C R I B D


Didn't know Lulu was distribution to them


Anyhow, does anyone know when this started and if our titels are including in their Subscription offer that they have for there members?


Because I had just recently started submitting some of my titles to them on my own


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


  • Yesterday Glenn mentioned that yes, Lulu distributes to S C R I B D and Oyster.

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  • Here's his exact post:


    Re: Amazon & Lulu publishing


    ‎02-23-2015 10:57

    Hello Marquesa

    If your eBook is in GlobalREACH distribution > Kobo and Everywhere Else, it will be available on both S cribd and Oyster books - both are eBook subscription sites. At this time, Amazon is only allowing their own content to be accessed through subscriptions on their sites.


    Perhaps once they have perfected the method and pay-scales for this type of service, they will open it up to eBooks published and distributed through other sites.

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  • Is it part of SCRIBS montly unlimited downloads membership though? They are offering the first month free and then i think it is $8.99 per month where the member can download as many books as they want?


    Thanks Maggie

  • Here is a potential list, but it's possibly out of date now >>    http://www.kevinlomas.net/E-book-Retailer-List.html

  • hrmm, I just searched for S***bd for the link to paste here and got this >>  "The message body contains S***bd, which is not permitted in this community. Please remove this content before sending your post."  which I had to edit to even type this!

  • The word scribs comes up with the same place. It does indeed seem to be a subscription site offering free downloads. Do the writers get paid?

  • When I first looked into it several months ago it was an $8.99 per month membership that gives its members unlimited downloads


    Yesterday when I checked, they are now offerring a free trial month


    Take a look on youtube and you will find lots of videos showing how to bypass the membership fee and download for free


    Not sure how this is going to work for us....would like some clarification on it from Lulu



  • When someone downloads your book as part of their subscription, you get paid your full revenue amount for the eBook when the user consumes 20% of the book. That could be actual reading or clicking through pages. When the reader gets to 20% of the book, you get paid.

  • Thanks for the explanation Glenn....I do sheet music...is there a minimum page number of my titles needed to be listed with them?



  • Hello Silvertonalitie


    I am only aware of the 20% rule.


    In reviewing the terms and conditions document, I do not see a minium page count requirement. Only that 10% of the media file will be displayed as a preview on the Scribd site. If the reader continues to read/browse through the next 10% (20% total) the sale is registered authomatically and the author gets paid.

  • One more question Glenn....when will we start to see our sales on S C R I B D in our revenue reports?

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