Trouble with Page Numbers

Hi folks,


I have a weird issue.

I was formatting my work and decided on instead of having multiple documents for my book, I placed them all into one document.

I followed some tutorials online on how to start page numbers from a few pages in and that works. However, now when I want uneven numbers on the right and even numbers on the left, I select the option to have different odd and even pages in Word 2010. When I do that the even numbers vanish. When I deselect it the numbers come back but are all right aligned.


How do I fix this?


Thanks in advance,



  • Hiya–

    I think we've had the same dilemma. Set different odd & even headers/footers, inserted page numbers, and they only showed up either odd or even.


    What I did was enter the footer (or header, depending on what you've chosen) that was missing the number.

    From there I clicked 'insert page #' and voilà, they appeared in sequence.

    I hope that helps.


    (FYI I'm using Word for Mac 14.2.0 – 2010 it seems)

  • Thank you.

    What I did in the end was just use one of the templates that Lulu provides. It was annoying but it did fix the issue.


    Thanks again.


  • You have to apply "Different Odd and Even" in the footers of both the first odd and even page in the section. That should resolve the issue.


    One would think that MS Word would make page numbering a bit more intuitive, until then we must all consider it our own special challenge.

  • haha. Well, it is Microsoft Word man. Smiley Wink

  • Hi,

    I have a different (and perhaps weirder) page numbering problem. I checked the "Different Odd and Even Pages" box for my headers and footers (apparently it applies to both) so that, in a given spread, I could have the author's name at the top of one page and the book title at the top of the other. Unfortunately, the lines above the page numbers at the bottom of each page have now become different lengths.

    The odd pages look like this:





    And the even pages look like this:





    I'm at loss as to how to fix this. Any suggestions?

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