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content of works and conditions of acceptability.

I am writing a science fiction novel. I was wondering if a disclaimed of content is acceptable, given the limited about of colorful language, occasional graphic scene and possibly for some or many controversial content. I was wondering what the group view on this is and what disclaimers of content if needed I should include.


  • Many authors include a disclaimer in the book's introduction to indicate it contains mature content. That should be sufficient.

  • Unfortunately I don't think Lulu have an Adult option or age filters on Shop, but you can always say "Over 18s only" in the Description for your Storefront and elsewhere.

    Then again some would say set such books at over 21, some would say at over 16, some even over 13. It all depends on the mind-set of the buyer/reader.

    In the good old days of books being on shelves in book shops one knew the intended age group because a book would be in those sections. Other that that how many such disclaimers do you see on books?


    On line people always have the option to click the Report This buttons.

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