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aspiredauthor posted this a few minutes ago:

I want to have my book copyrighted and I don't know what setting to put it at- it is an ebook.

So many choices! I want it to be protected to the fullest extent without paying for the copyright. What setting mustI mark it? What is a custom license? Is it standard domain license?


I hold all rights. No one reproduces my work unless asked for. 


Yes, you do hold all rights, of course. Your book was legally copyrighted the moment you finished writing it. However, if you ever have need to defend that copyright in court it will have to have been formally registered with the US Copyright Office. If you want the fullest possible protection from a copyright you have to register it. There is no way around this.


It doesn't matter whether your book is a print book or an ebook. The copyright is the same.


Obtaining a copyright is an easy procedure and very inexpensive....only about $35.


You can find out everything you need to know here


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