RESOLVED: My problem is not resolved, why does it say that on the forum.

So lulu messed up my orderer and I need help bad. I ordered 30 copies of my books and 18 of them are wrong. I needed help fast seeing as I have sold them and need to get them out, so I filled out the stuff on the "suport" page and asked here (on the forum) how to contact someone more quickly. That was almost a week ago now. A guy on here said I'll get a email shortly from someone and I did. Then, my forum question on here was marked as resolved. Well, it's not. Minutes after I recieved the email from the suport team I emailed back the stuff they asked for. Low and behold I'm still waiting for their response.It's been six days now. New printing always takes a couple weeks to recieve. So I'm kind of on edge. Lulu made a mistake on my order. I paid them my money. Now I got to wait in line for their mistake. Sorry. 


  • Hello Benjamin

    I had a look in your account. It appears your replacement books were ordered today with expedited shipping.


    You should have received the order notification today. A shipping notification will go out when the books are printed. You can track the printing and shipping process from the My Orders page of your account.


    If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please let us know.


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