Resolved: I need to talk to someone

Hi I am an author and have been for a couple years and I need to communicate with someone from Lulu in regards to one of my products.


Shawn Taylor


  • I have had two returns on one of my products. And one of the people who bought it sent me the response from Lulu. The response seems odd as the response was that the product is not printable and yet I have over 50 sales with no issue, in fact I have 10 copies in my possession. So I want to find out what the issue REALLY is so I can get it rectified Smiley Happy


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Click the Support link at the top right of most pages here.

  • Hello Shawn63

    Often these problems are caused by a transmission problem. Either there was an interuption during transmission or the printer did not receive the entire file. This type of problem is more common with large files.


    If you submit a support case, someone from the print team will have a look at your file and let you know if there is something you can do to improve the file or if the issue is on our end.


    Please be patient, the print team is experiencing a bit of a backlog of cases folowing the holiday rush.

  • Thanks for the responses Smiley Happy I have put in a trouble ticket.


    My ability to be patient is very good Smiley Happy I just want to ensure I find a solution.


  • Hi Shawnt63

    It looks as if you are working with Jessica on our support team.

    You are in capable hands.



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