Photo in Middle of colored cover

I have chosen to make my 6x9 book cover a specific color, but I want to place a photograph in the middle of the front cover. I'm not succeeding. I've changed the picture size and dpi so many times and none of them seem to fit the picture frame that was on the cover to start with.;Can I insert a different frame for a centered picture? ;How?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    In what way is it not working? But are you sure you are uploading the correct type of image file?

  • Thank you for your response! 


    The front cover picture frame is 6.13" x 5.40" or 1838 x 1621 px. 


    I edited my jpg to measure 1838x1621 px the closest I could get. When I uploaded and inserted it on the cover it did appear but was much too large for the layout I have planned. 


    I edited the jpg down 50% to 565 x919 and applied it to the cover. The big yellow ! message told me I needed a smaller picture frame. I don't understand how to get a smaller picture frame.


    My layout is: Large Title at top; sub-title with smaller font just below the title.  Then in the center of the cover I want to put the picture of the man about whom the book is written.   Below that I want to put his author.  I have it all balanced out on my own layout, but don't know how to get that same appearance in the cover wizard.


    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Additionally, can I increase the size of the "text box" on the back cover?


    Thanks...  I'm ready to go! Anxious to complete the cover!



  • You can add photos in the templates during the wizard. Click on the template you want and then click on the options given you above. You'll see one that allows you to insert a smaller photo. Most will fit here. The back text box doesn't get bigger but you can still edit the text by changing color, size, and type. Hitting enter will move the text further down if needed.

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