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I have had my first book listed for sale since the 6th of December but am yet to receive word of sales from Amazon. I have read on other messages that they are usually sent to Lulu on the 8th of the month as this has passed and I still have no word I wondered what was happening?

Has anyone else had difficulties receiving their Amazon sales figures?




  • Hi GoldenBoy75


    You have several versions of the book in your project list. If you provide the ISBN for the project in question, I will have a look.

  • Thanks Glenn, the ISBN is 978-1-326-10550-1
  • Distribution is not my area of expertise, but here is what I deduce from the information I can see.


    It appears you made a few revisions in December. It looks as if your approved eBook was submitted to Amazon on Jan 8. It normally takes a few weeks for Amazon to list a book once it is received. Hence the reason your Kindle book listing is not returned when I search by your ISBN.


    Give it a few weeks and keep checking the Kindle site for your book. Download information from Kindle is posted monthly - usually around the 7th of the month.


  • My sales from Nov 7th on Amazon took a full two months to get reported, so be patient. 

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