Book no longer available on Lulu after submitting for distribution

I'm so frustrated. I sucessfully created a book and hade it available on Lulu. After I recieved my first copy, I decided I'd like to make some minor changes and then submit it for distribution on Amazon and other sites as well. I understand that it takes time for Amazon, etc to review, but my book is no longer available on Lulu! Is this correct? Is there a work around? I have posted my book on Facebook, and people were buying it, but now they can't. Any advice appreciated.


  • Hi KateJ

    It appears your book is set to Direct Access - hence the reason it is not visible in the bookstore. Direct access means it can only be accessed through a URL you provide - such as on Facebook.


    To make the book available for purchase in the Lulu bookstore:

    Log into your account

    Go to My Projects

    Click on the project title

    Change the Availability setting to General Access.

    Save changes


    Your book will then be returned in searches of the Lulu bookstore.


    I hope this helps!

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