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Order 10134463-1

The book I am having printed for this order is a gift for someone, and two days ago I received an email from saying there was some sort of problem in the printing of the book. I have yet to receive another email with advice on where to go from here. This book has to get printed as soon as possible, and I'm getting a bit anxious in regards to the radio silence I'm getting from Lulu so far. If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. I have my support ticket number too, if that helps. If you need me to post it, let me know.


  • If your book is not printable, that means there is an issue with the PDF file and our printers are unable to access the file.


    Someone from our print team will have a look at the file to locate the problem.


    While looking at your project, I also noticed you are printing your book using our Standard Paperback product. You should be aware that this product is not meant for high color saturation - such as full page color. It is highly likely that there will be color bleed-through or crinkly pages in the finished product with this much color on every page. You may wish to consider changing to the Premium Paperback option, which includes coated paper for better color reproduction. Also, that Premium products include cream colored paper as a paper option.


    This article includes information about using color with our various products: Color Printing FAQ


    PS - this looks like a wonderful book for a great occasion. Please let us know if there is anything we can do help you further.



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