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HELP! I've Fallen....

I am lost inside the haunts of my own manuscript and I can’t get out.


I need help. Can you suggest a freelance copy editor or website or someone from this site or Lulu? I have fallen into a morass of mystical rules that hang around me like goat snot on barbwire. I need an editor capable of showing me the light beyond this bewildering wilderness of endless re-writes.


This nautical/philosophical manuscript of 109,577 words, which slides along the continuum of Creative Non-Fiction, is in need of editing prior to seeking a publisher.


Shopping for an editor is more challenging than writing. Being a relative newbie scribbler I find my understanding of the pre-publishing adventure has less knowledge than pond scum.


Capt. Bones,


[email protected]

PS   (lol. No copy editing of emails allowed.)


  • Marie Dee is exceptional. She just finished editing a book I outsourced to her:


    [email protected]

     A citizen of the world.

  • Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to respond.  Could use a couple of more suggestions.



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    When I searched for Book Editors ( those exact two words) it gave me 10000000s of suggestions, of which this is one random example >>


    This is interesting also, but just an opinion, and especially about the Harry Potter books. The books actually got longer and longer until the last one had to be made in to two films. And there's nothing at all wrong with a few Red Herrings in a story: it's the principle behind most crime fiction for example.



    I think that report just proves that not every editor has the same ideas, so be careful of who you choose or you may be paying for hours of arguing.

  • Yes, I search and found tens of thousands also.  But I don't know them.  I dont know how to evaluate them.  I asked for referrals because it seems it would put me a little closer to an editor I could work with comfortably.  If some one refers it is usually out of a good experience and hence not a tabula rosa (sp)


    Thanks for your imput.  Everything is appreciated.  With help from people like you I am narrowing the search.


    Capt Bones



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