Getting ebook on Amazon/UK

Hi, my ebook has been up on Amazon in the US for weeks but not on the UK site. How do I get it on there, or will that just happen automatically?


  • Give it time. Amazon usually eventually place them on all their sites worldwide.


    In a way it does not matter because if people know your name or book title and use them as a search of Amazon it will find it on any of their sites.


    It will also pop up on these as ePubs using Lulu's free ISBNs >>




  • Hi Kevin,

    I have been invited to post my eBook manual on a relevant site in the UK.

    Am awaiting distribution approval form Amazon, approved for Lulu and iPhone currently.

    Do you know with certainty whether I can provide the US Lulu link for purchase on thier website in the UK? If not sure, how would I research this?

    Kind Regards,

    Yvonne Lay, MA

    Mindfulness Meditation and The Missing Ingredient

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Links are universal. Don't forget it's all the World Wide Web. But if you are in any doubt then ask the inviting site. I am surprised they just do not do it themselves, especially if your books have ISBNs and Dist and therefore free for any one to sell or promote.


    As to Amazon. It seems to detect which country you live in. I live in the UK so more often than not Amazon UK opens, but all the links from my own site open in Amazon US or just generic



  • Thank you Kevin

    Kind Regards,


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