Unable to upload revised work due to lack of Chapter headings


I have revised by book and have been trying unsuccessfully to upload it again using content creation wizard, it gets so far as formatting and then comes up with an error message each time saying

"There do not appear to be any chapters in your table of contents. This suggests that you need to properly set chapter divisions in your document."

I have been over the document and added Headings to each chapter as advised so I am not sure what the problem could be?

Would it be possible for someone to upload it for me? I have added the new revison to my files.

I know this is unusal but having just paid for the ebook and print creator I thought it might be acceptable as I am now at a loss.  


Many thanks



  • Hello Goldenboy75


    Did you make revisions to the file used to create to your eBook or the file used to create the 6x9 print book?

    If you used the file that that was uploaded by Lulu Services to create your eBook, the chapters would have been properly configured.


    Go to My Projects and click on My Files

    The file you want to download and edit is: Silver_Screen_Complete_Book_1_WORD_5858_1.docx


    I had a look at that file. The chapters are properly configured for eBook conversion.

  • Hi Glenn,
    Yes that is the file I used Silver_Screen_Complete_Book_1_WORD_5858_1.docx
    I edited that document, correcting errors etc and saved it but when I tried to upload it again I kept getting the error message about the lack of chapters?
    I don't understand what the problem is, I have been so looking forward to getting the book published and now it is all turning sour, I have 3 other books I would like to publish via Lulu so would like to get this one right so I know how to go forward without repeating these mistakes.
  • I just uploaded the file that is in your My Files and it converts properly with chapters.

    What changes did you make to the manuscript?

  • Do you mean the updated file I added today? That was the edit I made correcting typos and slight other changes to text.
    Does this mean the book that will be available to buy is the new correction? Or do I still have to revise?
  • I only re-uploaded the file that was on your My Files page. I do not have access to your computer to upload the edited file.


    There is no reason that the headers and formatting would have been lost if you only made small edits. Once again, I recommend you confirm that you downloaded the formatted file from the My Files page, made your edits to that formatted file, and then reuploaded the edited, previously formatted file - not the source file you originally sent in for conversion.

  • Yes I can confirm I made the edits to the formatted file and re-uploaded it, I have now added the same edited file to My Files folder on Lulu and have named it Silver_Screen_Final_Draft.docx so you will tell it is the final version.
    This is my final edit and the one I would like to be used in the ebook and paper back.
    If you could try uploading it for me I would be most grateful.

  • I had a look at the draft file.

    It appears you have added *** and spaces between paragraphs and below the chapter headings. These are appearing as blank or missing chapters when you convert the file.


    Here is something you can do to compare the files.


    Open the originally formatted file. Click View > Sidebar > Document Map Pane. This will display the chapter headings. Now do the same in the file you edited. You will immediately see the difference.


    My suggestion would be to not make any formatting changes to the formatted file. Only make the required text edits and then reupload the file.

  • Will try that now, don't want to stay up another night having to go through the book again re-editing from scratch.
  • If you have the document pane open, click on the **** or blank lines. This will navigate you to the page where you can remove those additions. The document pane will update as your make edits to the chapter headings.


    No need to start from scratch.


    Let us know if you have any other difficulties.

  • Well I have done as you suggested, I tried removing the Header 3 spacings, then I removed the * * * chapter breaks, I uploaded this to My Files but again receive the error message saying the file is not chaptered correctly.
    This is driving me nuts. Any Input you can make with the file at your end would be much appreciated, I just don't seem to be able to do anything more with it here.
    Thanks for all your help so far.
  • You missed a giant blank space below chapter 19. Also the text in the first paragraph of chapter 19 was set to Heading Style 2.


    I have corrected these issues and uploaded the manuscript to your Files page (eBook_Draft_1a).


    When you revise, choose the option to upload a file from "My Files." 

    You should be set to go.

  • Glenn thanks for this, you will think me an idiot however because I have accidentally deleted the file (eBook_Draft_1a) you created, is there a way to retrieve it?
    So sorry for all this hassle.
  • I have uploaded my final corrected file again today named Silver_Screen_Final_DraftA2.docx
    If you could make the necessary adjustments to the format so it will convert properly I would be most grateful.
    Thanks again for all your help. Hopefully the next book will be a lot easier.
  • Hello Goldenboy75

    I emailed you the Draft_1a file.

  •     Google or go to guides.lib.umich.edu. This is the research guide to setting up Headings. You must use Heading 1 format to create your epub for lulu.com.  Go to your word and select heading 1 from the home screen from the style setting.  Then go to  modify style  and under formatting you are going to select Times New Roman. Select 12pt, Select color black. Finally, go to the bottom of the dialog box and select format and in the spacing before box select 72pt then ok.  If you get confuse just follow the guide instructions. Once this is done you can save and upload  the file to lulu to make a epub book.  Good luck, hope this helps.

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