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I am a graduate student finishing a Masters of Architecture.  I have made a portfolio using my own program (Adobe InDesign) and saved it as a packaged PDF file.  I would like to make a hard cover photobook using this file, and DO NOT want to use a template.  Everytime I try to make a photobook it promps me to choose a template.  Is there a way around this and to be able to make the book I would like to create from my pdf file using

Thank you!


  • Yes.


    But not using photo-quality paper.


    You would be creating a 'normal' book.


    But look here first >>>



  • This is probably too late to be useful to the original question poster, but Lulu does print photobooks from PDF source, but only in the two of its five photobook sizes:

    "Large Landscape" (12.75*10.75 inches / 32.39*27.31 cm)

    "Large Square" (12*12 inches / 30.48*30.48 cm)


    When you browse the book creation options, the other sizes just have one button: "Make this book".  Clicking on that takes you to the wizard, which you don't want.


    When you have "Large Landscape" or "Large Square" page sizes selected, you are offered a second button, "Download Template".






    The download button retrieves a zip file containing cover graphics and a Word document with the correct page size and margins.  You do not need to use any of the files from "Download Template", but the PDFs you generate should have the same page sizes.  (Adjust appropriately if you are formatting for full bleed).


    Meanwhile, the "Make this book" button does not lead instantly to the wizard, but gives you this choice:



    Obviously, if you're working with PDFs you want the second option.


    Why doesn't Lulu offer PDF upload for the smaller page sizes?  Possibly Lulu had too many complaints from writers who used Word's built-in PDF export, didn't realise it downsamples images, then found their printed photobook was low-resolution.  However, it's annoying for people who have the correct tools (like InDesign) and want to combine text and photos in ways that the wizard cannot do.


    All of the above is of little help if you already formatted your book for a specific page size that isn't one of these two.  You can't even rescale your pages from "Landscape" to "Large Landscape", since the aspect ratio is different.  If you are in that situation, there is at least one other common print-on-demand publisher that does all sizes of photobook from PDF source files.  However, you may find that the unit cost is higher than Lulu's.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    The template is a docx not a PDF and it is just one blank page, very unlike the many themed templates to be found in the Studio Photo-book Wizards. Ic can be Saved As a PDF.


    All Make This Book seems to do is open a Project Wizard for a normal book to which you can upload that docx document or the Saved As PDF once you have formatted all the pages you want in it. It does not open this >>


    If that's truly the case then it's not using photo paper as the Photobook Wizards create for.

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