Blogs as a Marketing Tool

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Blog as a research tool A web user will often do much research into a topic or product before attempting to purchase online. Keeping a blog is a great way to help them conduct this research. Your potential customer gets to learn more about you by your comments in the blog. They get a feel for who you are, as well as your interests. It helps to build a relationship between you and your customers, which makes them more comfortable about purchasing, especially if you are an unknown but aspiring author.

Blog for search engine placement From the search engine point of view, providing the crawlers with regular fresh content encourages them to come back more often. As they develop a routine of returning and indexing new content, you increase your site's chances of ranking higher over time. Many times a new article or blog entry will temporarily rise to the very top of the search engine results. This has the effect of driving traffic directly to your blog and ultimately to your storefront.

Linking your blog to your storefront As you publish your content, be sure to mention it in your blog. Significant milestones should also be mentioned there (such as "I just sold my 100th book. Be sure to get your copy here.") with a link to the storefront and/or content listing. You might want to provide a link to your storefront on every post.

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