grey box around transparent png signature

I have just received a proof of my book, and have one problem  -  a grey box around my signature on one of the pages.  We can't see it on our PDF file, but it does appear on the PDF file on Lulu after I run the print conversion process.


The signature was created in Photoshop, inserted as a transparent png file on that page which is a page of text, then exported to PDF.  Tried changing it to an esp file, but the same thing is happening.  We have followed all the lulu guidelines for creating a PDF file.


we have been told by Lulu to insert the color profile, but Photoshop is doing that already, so what is the solution?


I have logged with support, but really need an answer as soon as possible as i have an order to place as part of my kickstarter project.


thanks for your help


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