Availability Settings in the Review Step of the 'Publishing Wizard'

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Each project has an associated Availability that determines who can find and preview the completed work. You set your project's availability in the Review step of the publishing process page. 

You may change the availability status of your project at any time. Log into your Lulu.com account, go to My Projects and click on your project title. This takes you to the project's Revise page where you can scroll down to the Who can view this on Lulu section. Select from the following statuses and your changes will take effect immediately.

Private Access makes your project private. No one but you can see or search for your content. (This is a good setting to use until you are satisfied with your project.) Please Note that if you change your project from Public to Private access, your title may continue to be returned in search results for a short time; however, it will not be available for purchase.

Direct Access provides a method to sell your work to specific individuals only. You receive a web URL (http://www.lulu.com/content/content_ID) at the end of the publishing process; add this link to your website or send it to the people you want to see and purchase your work. Visitors cannot find Direct Access content by searching for it.

General Access opens your work to all Lulu.com visitors. Your project is available through search and browse on Lulu. In order to assign a General Access level, your material must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Title: No excessive or gratuitous profanity.
  2. Cover Image: No suggestive or gratuitous nudity, no sexually explicit posing.
  3. Description: No graphic descriptions or excessive profanity.
  4. Preview: No suggestive or gratuitous nudity, no overly explicit posing, no graphic descriptions, no excessive or gratuitous profanity.

Note: Your project must meet the guidelines in the Membership Agreement.

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