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Dust Jacket Hardcover Options

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edited March 2018 in Cover Formatting

Dust Jacket Hardcover books are bound in linen covers with embossed foil printing along the book’s spine. We offer a variety of options for the design of your cover:

Linen Hardcover Colors

Authors may select from navy, black, gray, red, and green linen hardcovers options.

Embossed Foil Spine Text

Authors can choose gold foil, white, or black embossed spine text. For best results, choose a contrasting text color for your book’s spine. For example, black print on black linen or white text on cream linen may seem like an artful choice, but it could make your book difficult to identify on a bookshelf.

Matte and Glossy Dust Jacket Finishes

Authors may choose either a matte or glossy finish for their dust jacket.


US Trade
Dust Jacket
6 x 9"
15.24 x 22.86cm
Download Zip
US Letter
Dust Jacket
8.25 x 10.75"
20.95 x 27.31cm
Download Zip

Use these templates to help create your Jacket cover. Remember that, unlike other cover designs, the Dust Jacket will include cover flaps for the front and back:

US Trade

US Letter

Default Embossed Spine Text

The project title and author name(s) entered in the first step of the publishing wizard determine the default text to be embossed on your book’s spine. Embossed spine text cannot exceed 42 characters; therefore the default text is determined based on the following rules:

  • If the combination of your title and author name(s) are less than or equal to 42 characters, both will be printed on the book’s spine.
  • If your title is shorter than 42 characters, but the title and author name combined total more than 42 characters, only the title will be printed on the spine.
  • If your title is longer than 42 characters, but your author name(s) is shorter than 42 characters, only the author name(s) will be printed on the book’s spine.
  • If both your title and author name(s) are each longer than 42 characters, your title will be truncated to 42 characters and printed on the book’s spine without the author name(s).
  • Supported Characters - the following characters can be used for embossed spine text
    • roman characters sets (A-Z, a-z, 0-9)
    • [];',./!`^&*()~+=:?"]ˇ˘°´¨¸¯- ØŁ
    • àáãäāăćčçďèéëēĕěğìíĩïīĭľĺñńňòóõöōŏŕřśşšţťùúũūüŭýÿźž
  • Unsupported characters:  _  and all nonroman character sets (cyrillic, arabic, hebrew, farsi, chinese, japanese, thai, etc.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you make any changes to your title during the review and editing process, you must manually update the spine text. See below for instructions.

Custom Embossed Spine Text

You may wish to have more control over your title and author names and how they display on your book’s spine. The process for editing the default spine text varies depending on the cover wizard employed to create your book cover.

New Cover Wizard

You will be prompted to enter the foil spine text when initiating the Cover Wizard. This text can also be changed from the Extras tab.

Old Cover Designer

The spine text can be edited using Text > Spine Options.

One-Piece Cover

If you upload a one-piece cover for a Dust Jacket Hardcover project, the foil spine text can be edited in the Cover Designer (but not the new Cover Wizard) BEFORE proceeding through the one-piece cover step.

Please Note: All foil spine text uses the 'Record Gothic' typeface. Making any changes to the typeface in any of our cover tools will NOT change the typeface used when embossing the foil spine text.

Dust Jacket Hardcover Options

At this time, only the 6”x9” hardcover dust jacket in blue linen with gold spine text qualifies for distribution. The options listed below will not display if you choose the “sell everywhere” accessibility option when you begin a new project.

Please Note: These options are currently available for books created in the USA store. Lulu is working to make these choices available in additional markets.

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