Major Freakout

I've just realized that the format of my book is messed up, and we just ordered 300 copies 2 days ago!!!


When I saw the template, I assumed the first page was meant to be the actual cover and designed it that way.  Now, I realize that is the first printed page.  Obviously, I'm freaking out.  The design is built around the pages facing each other and now the numbers will be off.

Lulu doesn't have a support phone number so I can't call and have them halt production on this until I get the revision up.  Sent them an email and it says it will be 2-4 days!!?!?! What the hell?


What do I do?!!?!?!





  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    You only have up to one hour to cancel an order. It's all automatic.


    There's a clue that the cover is not part of a pages file and that's that there are two Wizards within one. One that creates a PR PDF from a file of pages uploaded. The other is the Cover Wizard where you create a cover and that's turned in to a PR PDF also. All under that name of a Project Wizard.


    A product number knits the two files in to one book, and that's what the printer gets as an instruction when an order is placed.


    I have no idea what you mean about "pages facing each other". All pages do that.


    However, it makes no difference to the page order, layout, or otherwise, that you included a cover image as the first page in your pages file.


    Or did you upload each page as one file? All the same, read below.


    The Wizard should just create a WYSIWYG PDF that will be used by the printers (and you have the chance to view and OK it before Continue is clicked) from the pages file you upload.


    You should have ordered a Proof first.


    Unfortunately this sounds entirely your own fault and not Lulu's problem. Smiley Frustrated

  • I sit across from the customer support team member who is working on your case. I believe they have been in contact with you since early this morning.



  • Yup, problem solved.  Thanks.

  • I also have a great problem today. Last August, Lulu published perfectly my memoir, "Paper Boats". In December, I uploaded a revised version and ordered a copy on January 2. It did not arise and, because my friends were pressuring me, I ordered 30 copies, feeling sure that Lulu would do another good job. Alas, I should have waited for the single copy because it is awful. 2 books are bound as one huge copy, both the 1st edition and the revised version, and there are mistakes and omissions. What can I do?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It sounds as if when you Revised the Project you did not delete the older file from within it, so it thinks it's all one book and spliced them together.

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