Ordered my book today, how long until I get it?

I ordered a book that has never been printed before, and it is to be posted to my house in Ireland.

I selected ground mail.


Very eager to get this book! How long until I get it?


How long does it take to print it and post it?

Will there be any extra charges when it is delivered, like from the postal service in my country?


Answers appreciated.


  • It varies from place to place. And whcih options you chose.


    For myself, it takes usually 1-3 days for printing then 3-5 days to ship.  I am in Canada not though.


    Good Luck

  • So you say that it will take between 4 and 8 days to arrive at my house?


    Are these business days?


    And will the post service in my country add a charge, or is it all included in the Lulu charge?


    You should get an email when the book is despatched.


    How long it takes from you placing the order to you receiving the book depends on several factors.


    1) What type of book, what format, what binding.


    That affects where  the book is printed.


    2) How busy the printer is


    3) Where you are in relation to the printer


    That affects how long it takes to get to you.


    4) What delivery option you selected


     And how efficient the carriers are and your customs (if the book has to go internationally) and your mail service.



    If you ordred a standard paperback then it'll probably be printed inHastings, England and you'll getthe book within a week - depending on how efficient your postal service is.


    If you ordered a hardback it'll be printed in France and take longer.



    The delivery charge you paid will include delivery to your chosen address, no matter where.



  • yes, on business days only
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