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Are there any tricks to adding image captions in an eBook? I need to supply titles and copyright wordings to images in my conversion of a print book to an eBook.


In the print book each image is inserted in a table, with the caption as the second entry in the table, ensuring that the image and caption stay together - is this appropriate for an eBook?


Also, what's the best way to prepare a Table of Illustrations in an eBook? Table of Contents are handled by Heading styles, that's no problem, but if I want to include a table of illustrations, should this be done with internal hyperlinks or????


Any suggestions warmly welcomed!




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    Hello Sympol,


    You will have problems with standard captions as they are placed in text boxes and ebooks don't respond well to those. Your book will likely be rejected by retailers as well.


    Ebooks are based on reflowable text,. I recommend you center all content, with centered text underneath.


    As for table of figures, prepare an automated one in Word. I'm not sure Lulu will accept a second TOC. Usually this functionality is possible in epub 3 specification. But give it a shot and let us know the result.

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  • Hi Maggie,


    Thanks for the response.


    I tried initially to upload a Word 2007 (docx) format file and have it converted to epub by Lulu, but got 'an unexpected error' message. Investigation showed that one image was a .tiff file. Converted this to .png format, then tried again. My Word doc had each image inserted in a table, with a caption not in a text box. The document contains several tables.


    This time I received 3 errors - no publisher, did not pass epubcheck validation and unmanifested files.


    I then converted my docx file myself, using Calibre, checked the output and uploaded this file to Lulu. This was accepted.


    Note that I didn't attempt a table of contents entry for the illustrations; rather I just inserted a table with each illustration named and copyright/credit for each in the second column.


    When I converted using Calibre, I used the generic eInk profile, which produced an epub file. As my eBook is intended for all platforms, including Kindle, I presume that I don't have to upload a separate .mobi file - rather Amazon will convert my epub file to mobi? I've done this myself through Calibre, and tested the result on my Kindle and all seems OK...


    Thanks again for your response



  • Hi, Sympol. I was interested in your response to Maggie, because I too am trying to figure out how to create an ebook with captioned images. I would rather not put the captions into the graphics, because that involves a lot of work. I have MS Word 2008 for Mac, but with it, I also had explored including the graphic in a centered table with two rows, the second row for the caption. It wasn't entirely clear from your response that that in fact is what you did, so I am inquiring if that is the case. If so, I would also explore creating the ebook with calibre, which I just now learned of from your post.


    While I am at it, I will just say that the other possibility that occurred to me was to include a short paragraph holding the centered caption immediately below the paragraph holding the centered image (this time NOT included in a table). This in case anyone else has a suggestion.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It will be best to have the text as part of the images and it does not take long. 5 mins each perhaps.

  • Hi Jandris,


    My approach was to insert a single cell table where I wanted the image, insert the image, centred in this cell and simply add a caption to the image in the same cell, thus ensuring that the image and caption stayed together. I used MS Word 2007 for Windows for this and it seemed to work, although as stated I did have problems with Lulu creating the epub file from my docx file, which I solved by converting myself using Calibre and uploading the epub file to Lulu...


    Hope this helps



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