can't order multiple copies with author discount

Just uploaded my book and need to purchase 30 copies straight away as I have to sell them at a seminar.

Don't have time to order and ship review copy.

Can't order multiples on website.

Need advice on how to order multiples with authors discount.


  • Hello kazganymeded1


    You must be logged into your Lulu account to receive the author discount price.

    1. On your Lulu projects page, click the View/Buy link for the project.
    2. The product page displays with your discounted price at the top of the page.
    3. Click the Buy Paperback button
    4. The Shopping Cart (Basket) opens with a single copy of your book in the cart. The author discount is automatically applied.
    5. Change the number of copies and click update.
    6. A bulk discount will be automatically applied, but you will save more money by using the 20% discount coupon code: JFS20 (coupon codes are case-sensitive)
    7. Then continue through the process.


  • Hi there, newbie here.


    I'm still selecting my printer and like a lot of what I see here on Lulu. However, I can't find info anywhere about author copy prices (another site charges only print cost and shipping for all author print book copies no matter what quantity). If I want 30-100 copies from time to time for a book-signing or to send to friends and family, how much will I pay for those books shipped and sold directly by me?


    I understand the bulk discounts (however, I may go with the basic print version that doesn't offer bulk discounts), but this may not be the only discount you offer to authors. In addition, is there a way to calculate shipping costs for the books the author orders in bulk so I can determine the best quantity (generally it is not a linear price to calculate shipping so 45 may be the same as 30 for example)?


    Your explanation to the above was excellent, but it didn't answer the basic question of what is charged to the author as a mark-up from printing cost.


    Also, I would assume the 20% discount is applied to that price and is still an active discount, but wanted to verify.


    Sorry for all the questions, just wanting to be clear and get all my answers at once instead of bugging you!

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