How do I make sure the printer uses the most up-to-date file associated with my book(s).



I just had two copies of my hardbound book delivered to me yesterday. However, the internal contents file used for that printing was vastly out of date.  In fact, the book has been nearly constantly worked upon since Oct. 2013, and the file used was approximately of that vintage. Hundreds of subsequent versions were uploaded since that time. Having undergone literally hundreds of revisions in a matter of 8 months, the books printed and sent to me hardly resemble my final version.


After realizing there was a huge mistake made in this order, I subsequently deleted what I believe to be the associated project, and began one anew for this book. I then discovered that I could not manually remove the files associated with the old version from my account, which was a bit disturbing. How can I be assured that old files will not be used in the production of my book, either for purposes of commercial distribution or on a personal basis.


How automated are updates of the files used for production at the time of printing? 


Thanks for your attention to this matter.


Thanks in advance. Thanks for your service. 






  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Either you start a new project or you revise it. In the case of a revision, you have to delete the wrong file by clicking on the red X at the bottom of the Lulu page where you are prompted to upload your file, then you upload the latest version of your book.

    Also, in the same page, I think you can delete the old files in "my files".

  • Lulu will only print the files associated with the book when it is purchased. Is is possible that an old manuscript was uploaded to the project by mistake?


    As to deleting projects and files, if the book has not been purchased, authors can delete the project and its associated files. If the book has been purchased, authors can retire the content, but Lulu must hold onto the source files. From our content retention policy:


    Previous Versions of Published Content

    Previous versions of any book if the current version is published and available for sale. Once project files are older than 6 months:


    • eBook Policy:
    1. All files from any version that has sold will be retained.
    2. All files from the currently published (active) version will be retained.
    3. All files from the previously published version will be retained.
    • Print Book Policy:
    1. All files from the currently published (active) version will be retained.
    2. All files from the previously published version will be retained.
    3. If the previously published version has not sold, the latest version that sold, in addition to the latest version, will be retained.

    All other versions will be deleted after 6 months.



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