Matte Dust Jacket not available for Amazon Distribution?

I've made a test print of a US Trade sized hard cover book with a dust jacket that I wanted printed as Matte instead of Gloss.  Everyone who has seen it loves the feel and look, and now I want to move to allow distribution via Amazon as well as Lulu.  


I need to re-create the book under another account now that I've gotten my test prints in, so I started that process today.


For some reason the Matte option does not appear to be availalbe if I start a project with the intention of selling via Amazon.  Is this a system limitation?  It appears that I should be able to select this based on the information here:


Is only Gloss available for distribution?


  • Not all print-on-demand vendors have the ability to print both gloss and matte covers. Since all Lulu books are printed on demand, whether they are purchased from or other retailers, we can only offer formats for distribution that our retail print partners can print.

  • I just discovered this to be the case after having ordered a proof copy. I was able to cancel the order and revise the project - changing the dust jacket to glossy. Really I just wanted to add to this comment that I think importance of the cover finish, in terms of eligibility for distribution, should be much more clearly noted on the site.

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