Can I get Lulu to email me when I have had a sale?

I want to know when someone has bought a print book. I'm sure Lulu used to email you when you had a sale but I can't find where to set that up, please?


Also, there are no names listed on the Revenue page - is there a way of seeing names of buyers - I give them access to a special Facebook Group so need to check they have bought it? 


Thanks for any help.




  • We no longer email authors when books are purchased. That program was discontinued some time ago.


    Due to privacy issues, we cannot display purchasers' names on your revenue records.


    As a work around, you could edit your thank-you note to include information about your facebook page and include a link for buyers who want to follow your page.


    Not to be too much of a tease, but we have some customer contact tools under development as part of our new Author Storefront release scheduled for mid summer. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Dear Glenn,


    I understand about the privacy, so I am not after a name, but rather the country. Can I see the city and country of delivery ??




  • yeh i think the name of buyers and their country is very important


  • You will see the country store the user was logged into when they purchased, but unfrotunately our system cannot be any more specific about the location of the buyer.

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