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Printing FAQ

Print Times

All printers across our global network have a 3-5 business day print time. Business days are considered Monday - Friday, and the first printing day is the day after the order was placed. For example an order placed on a Monday will send to the printer by Tuesday, and is expected to print between Thursday (day 3) and the following Monday (day 5).

My content includes color images. Which product line should I choose?

Lulu offers four color product lines:

  • Standard Paperback (US market only) – affordable paperback (perfect bound) options printed on uncoated 50# paper. This product is suitable for printing color and B&W diagrams, tables, graphs, line drawings, and small graphics. This product is not suitable for full-page color coverage or photo quality printing.
  • Premium Paperback – Bookstore quality products printed on high-quality, coated paper. These products are suitable for all of the above listed images plus large graphics, full page images, and graphic novels.
  • Professional Hardcovers – Hardcover books include both case wrap and linen wrap with dust jacket formats. The paper for hardcover products ranges from 50# uncoated to 70# coated. The dust jackets use a heavier 80# photo quality paper.
  • Photobooks and Calendars –  Photobooks are printed on photo quality coated paper (80# for perfect bound and 100# for hardcover photo books), which is perfect for photographs and highly saturated color printing. Calendars are printed on 100# stock.

Note: At this time, color Standard Paperback products can only be published and printed from within the US store.

Image types and suggested products

Image Type Standard Paperback* Premium Paperback B&W Hardcover Full Color Hardcover
Diagrams (B&W and Color) YES YES YES YES
Small graphics
and text
Large graphics
and text
Full Page
B&W image
Graphic Novel
Children's book
Full Page
Photo Quality

Photo books and Calendars - Photo book and Calendar products will print any image type.

*For best results, images should not exceed 20% of total content in Standard line books.

Should I choose a Standard Paperback product for my picture book?

The Standard Paperback products are intended to provide an affordable color printing option for authors who want to incorporate color text, graphs, diagrams, and small imagery into their novels, instruction manuals, and text books. For high quality, saturated color we recommend our Standard and Premium products.

What will happen if I choose to print my image-rich content using Standard Paperback products?

The paper used for Standard Paperback products is uncoated meaning the ink will be absorbed into the paper. Large quantities of ink applied to this type of paper will cause the book pages to become wavy once they dry - just as when you spray water onto the pages of your favorite book. Therefore, if your content includes too many images, it is likely your printed book will arrive with defects such as warped pages, streaking and/or image bleed through.

What should I do if my color-interior Standard Paperback book arrives with one of these defects?

If your printed book arrives with wavy pages, streaking or image bleed through it is likely your content is too image-rich for our Standard Paperback products. You should consider reprinting your content using either our Premium Paperback or Professional Hardcover lines, which are designed for printing high quality, image-rich content.

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