Availability of 6*9 US Trade perfect bound

Hi.  I'm starting a new project and the option for 6*9 US Trade perfect bound paperback seems to have disappeared. Is this no longer an available option?


  • It is one of the top options in both our value and standard lines.

    Go to Publish > Books. All printed book formats are listed on that page. You can choose from the preformatted option displayed below the Value and Standard lines or build your own book from the choices at the bottom of the page.

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks for such a speedy reply.  I've never had this problem before.  The pre-formatted sizes under Value are Digest and US letter, while the only smaller sizes under Standard are A5 and pocketbook - nothing of US Trade size.  If I go into Hardback I can find a US trade but can't convert it into a paperback.  I just can't see what I'm missing.

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    The 6 x 9 option (under value and Standard) is only in the US store.

  • Choose the cream paper option. 6x9 US Trade will then be displayed as an option.

  • Thanks so much, that does it.


    Re: Choose the cream paper option. 6x9 US Trade will then be displayed as an option.


    Cream paper does not appear to be an option while US Trade is selected...defaults to hard-cover with White paper (no Cream). When I then click the Perfect-bound paperback option, the size changes and US Trade is no longer an option.

  • This tripped me up as well. The page is not intuitive. You have to choose the "Premium Paperback" option, then scroll down to "Interior Print" right at the bottom. Then you can choose "Black and White on Cream". Then you have your perfect bound US Trade Paperback ready to go.


    What I would like to ask Lulu, related to this same issue: Is the "Black and White on White" option, currently available only in the US, ever going to become available for the many of us that do not happen to reside in the USA?


    The "cream" option is lower grade paper, and I for one would like to produce my books with better quality paper than is currently available.

  • I also find it strange that there are far more options below the Create This button.

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