I ventured onto AMAZON and to my surprise,my book"B H Barry  Fights for Everyone" was listed as costing $49.99. Much as would like to have that kind of revenue the real price is less than $20.00. What can I do to have the AMAZON listed price reduced and can someone explain how this happened.



    This is one of the most frequently posted questions on this forum  and there are many threads here on the subject.

    In brief, the book is being listed by an Amazon reseller. Not being sold, but advertised. There is a big difference.

    If some sucker buys from them, they'll order via Lulu and pocket the difference.

    Whatever happens, you'll get paid.

    Nothing to worry about.


    However I am a little puzzled why the book is not being listed by Amazon - the situation you have noted usually happens in the weeks between the ISBN database being updated and the Amazon-Lulu linkup being completed.


    In this case the book is shown as being published in June 2013 -- when did you approve the book for distribution?

  • I saw my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Afternoon Delight: Trilogy and it priced high 37.95... can this be revised? It is what LULU was asking before i put the book out there. This is my first book. Debra

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Only you know what you set the 'retail' price to on Lulu, but retailers who advertise your book for sale can set whatever price they like.

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