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Sorry to be posting this here but I placed an order with Lulu and upon checking out it said that it could not process my billing information and to enter it again. I did and the same message appeared. However, when I checked my bank account it stated that I had been charged twice for this product that I do NOT have tracking information or conformation or anything. 

At the time, I had not created a Lulu account so I do not see a Cancel Order option.


How can I cancel this order and get a refund? Please help!


  • What you are seeing is a hold on the funds. If the order did not complete, your bank will lift the hold and release the funds. This could take a few days depending on your bank's internal policies.

    These types of issues are usually due to incorrectly entered billing addresses. Do you have an address that include a suite or apartment number? If so, you should enter that in the Address 2 field.

  • I am frustrated. I have been ordering my book for years without difficulty.


    The last order, they only delivered 16 books (instead of the 60 I paid for!)  No invoice in the box and the tracking shows the weight which proves I only received 16.


    Maybe they are getting too big for their britches - or going out of busines?   For an internet company, there is remarkably poor support.


    I finally created a ticket - yikes - I think, but no response   So I created 2 more in frustration.  Nada.


    If the silence continues I will have to reverse the credit card charge.


    Anyone have any suggestions on another lulu-like company where I can move my book to?



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    One thing I could suggest is not posting in one year old threads.


    Creating many tickets only slows things down. But you do not actually say when you created them.

  • Hello orfonorow

    I apologize for the delay in responding to your support case.


    I have escalated your case to our print team leader.

    You should hear from him shortly.

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