Problems with ebook conversion....PLEASE HELP

Hello there,

I have published an ebook before on Lulu by uploading a docx and having Lulu convert it to epub. The only issue I ever had was with the Table of Contents, which was easily sorted out.

Now I am trying to publish a new ebook by uploading a docx...but the conversion to epub simply does not work, no matter how hard I try.

Here's the error message I get:

We experienced an unknown issue while trying to convert your file to an EPUB.

Please review your EPUB against the Troubleshooting chapter of our eBook creator guide. If you are still having trouble, please contact customer support for further assistance.

Note: You can also choose one of our eBook conversion packages and let us create your eBook for you.

The FAQ says this is most likely* due to improper subheadings (eg heading 1 followed by heading 3). But I have verified that this is not the case.

Here's what I have tried so far.

  1. Verified that there are not more than 3 headings used (Title, Subtitle1, Subtitle 2).
  2. Verified that there are no text boxes
  3. Verified that the remaining text is in paragraph (normal) format.
  4. Made sure that indented text was using another style of paragraph.
  5. Made sure only Times New Roman font is used.
  6. Made an epub using Caliber and uploaded it. I got three errors, ERROR: Unable to locate a valid publication date.  A date with the event attribute publication (opf:event=publication) is required in content.opf
    ERROR: non-standard image resource 'images/image.Picture_225' of type 'application/octet-stream' in index_split_002.html on line 116 and unable to validate as per epubcheck 3.1
  7. Saved the docx as an rtf and tried, but same error
  8. Saved the docx as a Word 97-2003 .doc and tried but same error.
  9. Removed the TOC as an epub does not need one (and I don't want one).
  10. Made sure all images were GIF, JPEG and PNG
  11. Read the entire Troubleshooting Guide and the Ebook Creation Guide.
  12. Made sure I didn't have any blue hyperlinks (although I do have to cite hyperlinks in sources)

I am at my wit's end....any help will be appreciated. Please note that I am considered to be tech-savvy, so if you do have any unorthodox solutions, let me know as well.


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