Finished a Manuscript Having Trouble converting it to 6x9 format

I have a completed manuscript. I want to publish it as a 6x9 novel. But the really annoying thing is I am using Mac Word 2011 and noone on the web seems to know how to convert it to 6x9. So How do I do it. The current file is in the standard Word page size A4 (20.99 cm X 29.7 cm) I do not want to publish in A4 size as many people find 6x9 more comfortable to read and hold. So I really need help. I am at the point where I want to throw the iMac through the closest window.


  • I have a PC not a Mac, but the basics should be the same: Page Layout>Size>More Paper Sizes, then change the width to 6" and the height to 9". If you're outputting to a PDF, you may also need to set a custom paper size if you're using a third-party PDF application.

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    I am amazed no one on the web knows. Not even MS's own Word help site?  Smiley Surprised

    Or even here >>

    Word also has its own built-in Help.

    Sarah has the answer though.

    However, Word will Save As a PDF and its default settings are normally OK for use in Lulu's Wizards.


  • If you are using sections in your manuscript, make sure you choose the "Apply to All" option when resetting the page size. If I remember correctly, you will have to create a custom page size for 6x9.

    We use MacBook Pro in the Lulu offices. There are some functions in MS Office that just don't work as they do on a PC. It took me some time to become accustomed to the differences. Two years later, I am still discovering things I cannot do in Office from my MacBook.

  • I have not problem composing my document in MS Word 2011 Mac on a 6x9" page size. However, when I save the document to a PDF format, it does so in an 8.5x11" page size. How do I make the 8.5x11" PDF document a 6x9" page size. I did it once in an early draft, but can not figure out how to do it again. Please, I need help!  Thanks!

  • I have no idea why that happens, it does not happen for me when I use Word on a PC to Save As a PDF. There's not even page size options to select before it Saves it. Are you using Save As?


    I am not even sure what size 8.5 x 11 is. Most American software is defaulted to Letter which is larger than what most Brits set at, which is A4, and your PDF has saved at neither of those!


    Does it need to be a PDF? because you can upload a docx to the Project Wizards.



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