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How to Publish an eBook in PDF Format

Start a New PDF eBook Project

From the Create > Create eBooks page click Make Your eBook.

Alternatively, go to My Projects > Start a Project > eBook 

  1. Enter a title, author name and select your project's availability.
  2. Click the Save & Continue button.
  3. These options can be changed later if necessary.


What do the choices mean?

  • Sell this book: Lulu users can search for, purchase, and download this project from the bookstore.
  • Make available only to me: Only you can see this project. Lulu users cannot purchase or download it from the Bookstore.

Please Note: PDF eBooks cannot be distributed to retail sites other than the Lulu Bookstore.


International Standard Book Numbers cannot be assigned to eBooks created in PDF format.

Add Files

Upload PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, JPG, or GIF files for conversion into a PDF eBook.

Note: If you want to create an eBook that can be sold on retail sites other than the Lulu Bookstore, you must convert your eBook to EPUB format.

  1. Make sure you have removed all security settings and passwords from your PDF files before uploading.
  2. Click the Browse button to locate the file(s) you want to use for your eBook.
  3. Click Open to select the file.
  4. Click Upload to add the file to your project.
  5. Click Save & Continue to convert your file into a PDF eBook.

Other uploading information

Multiple Files - You may upload multiple files in any supported format to be converted into your PDF eBook. During conversion, the files will be assembled into a single PDF file in the order they are listed in the Project Files list.

PDF - If you upload DOC, DOCX, RTF, images, or multiple files for conversion to PDF format, you must select the dimensions in which your original manuscript is formatted to preserve your original layout and formatting.

Please Note: If you want your Marketing Image to appear with the interior contents in the final PDF, you must include the Marketing Image as the first page of the PDF.

Verify PDF Conversion

Download and preview your file. Make sure the pages and illustrations are formatted and displayed as you want.

  1. To edit your files, click Back, make any necessary changes to your manuscript file, reupload it, and reconvert to PDF.
  2. If your interior PDF file is as you want it, click Save & Continue.

Marketing Image

Think of the eBook marketing image as the eBook’s “cover.” It is the image shoppers see when browsing online for eBooks and on their eReader’s “bookshelf” when they purchase and download your work.

When creating and editing your marketing image, you should design the image to capture a shopper’s attention. The art and text should be clear, crisp, and easily read when viewed as a thumbnail.

The marketing image consists only of the front cover art, which should include the book title and author name. Unlike print books, there is no back cover or dust jacket flaps on an eBook cover that can be used to provide author information or a synopsis of your work. Therefore the marketing image could be the first, and last, impression a shopper has of your work.

The Marketing Image must be created to the following specifications:

Dimensions: At least 612 x 792 pixels (8.5” x 11” or 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm)

Resolution: 72dpi or higher to provide a clear image when viewed in multiple sizes

To create or edit your marketing image:

  1. Choose the Marketing Image Theme, which includes placement of the title and author name you entered in the first step of the publishing wizard.
  2. To add your own background or cover design, click the Backgrounds & Pictures tab. Click on the marketing image thumbnail and follow the instructions to upload and save a new marketing image.
  3. To edit or remove the preconfigured title and/or author name from your marketing image, click on the Text tab.
    a.  To edit the title or author name, use the text editing options displayed on the page.
    b.  To remove the text, deselect the check boxes next to Show Title and Show Author.

    Note: If you change the title of your eBook, you should return to the first step of the wizard and update the project's title field.

  4. When the cover is as you want it, click Make Image > Save & Continue.

Review Your Project

Review your project. Click the Change button for any section that needs adjustment. If everything is to your liking click the Save & Finish button.

Your eBook is now available for purchase in the Lulu Bookstore, unless you chose to create a private project for your personal use. 

Describe Your Project

If you chose to sell your project in the Lulu Bookstore, you should include a bit more information to help readers find your eBook.

  1. Go to My Lulu > My Projects.
  2. Click on the eBook title in the Projects list to open the Details page.
  3. From this page you can click the Edit buttons in each section to add a book description, select the proper book category, add search keywords to help users find your eBook, and select a copyright license type. You can also create a preview for your book and set its price.

Set Your Project Price

Set the price for your eBook and click Save Changes.

  • E-books can be given away for free or sold at any price $0.99 or higher.
  • For PDF eBooks, the author receives 90% of all revenue above $0.99. (Authors earn no revenue on eBooks sold for $0.99.)
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