Introducing 'The Five Principles Of Good Health'

'The Five Princples Of Good Health', a chapter from 'Complete Life-Guides' by Jideoni-Charles, is herein introduced to you guys as a sure drug-free panacea for all bodily ailments.

1. Good Feeding: Mostly vegetarian diets, to be consumed within reason. When sick, first consult your dietician.

2. Regular Exercise: Swimming, dancing etc. - Choose that which you enjoy doing, otherwise it may translate to stress.

3. Sound Sleep: Sound sleep is the bedrock of good health. Cultivate the habit of keeping to time of sleep daily.

4. Healthful Systemic Cleansing: i.e. defecating and urinating. Cultivate the habit of going to toilet at regular intervals through life.

5. Positive Thinking Of Good Health: Where you even obey all the other four rules, your entire constitution will most certainly be pulled down if your thinking is that of ill-health.

CLEANSE out the waste product of the FOOD ingested with EXERCISE and SLEEP; then, your POSITIVE THINKING will make you as fit as a fiddle.


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