Can I print a book in foreign language?


My book is written in Chinese and I'd like to print it for myself. No need to publish and I don't need ISBN either. Is it ok printing in Lulu?


  • Yes, you can and it will print fine. Just prepare your PDF ahead of time, using your own fonts and embedding them.

  • There are several books in Chinese and Japanese published by Lulu that have hanzi / kanji and kana. The only restriction is that the title and the author's name on the cover front and the cover spine have to be in Latin characters.

    Nonetheless, you can create a title in hanzi. Here is the trick.

    1) With Photoshop, create a picture in the dimensions of the book. Write the author's name and the title in hanzi over this picture, and flatten it to convert it into the JEPG format.

    2) Start your project by giving it a name and a title in Latin characters.

    3) Uploaded your Chinese text PDF in your project.

    4) Once your text PDF is converted by Lulu to a printing format, pass to the creation of your cover.

    5) The author's name and the title in Latin characters will be automatically displayed on the cover and the spine.

    6) Upload your picture and place it on the cover.

    7) Now, look, the name and title in Latin characters are displayed against the background that your picture is.

    8) You can keep both. If you want to remove the Latin text, just erase it. Only the author's name and the book's title in Chinese characters will be visible.

  • The latin character set on the cover is only required if the book is going to be entered into Distribution. If the book is intended for sale on Lulu only, you may use any characters set.

  •  Can I print a book in russian language?

  • Da, Tovarische.

  • By some reason I could not make it in PDF file - why?- and  what to do if I want to publish it by myself and  in Russian?

  • You did not say HOW?? I need to publich the title in Russian- how??

  • Hello

    1) When you start your project with Lulu, you have got to give your name and the title of your book in Latin characters.

    2) Upload the PDF file of your Cyrillic book in Russian from your computer for the inside of the book.

    3) You will have prepared a JPEG front-cover picture with your name and the title of your book both in Cyrillic characters and in Latin characters.

    4) When you reach the cover-making stage, erase your name and the title of your book in Latin characters, that are automaticallly displayed by Lulu on the front cover. Now your front cover is blank.

    5) Upload your Cyrillic and Latin front-cover picture.

    6) Leave alone the Latin title and name on the spine of the book.

    Et voilà Smiley Happy


    Below one of my covers with both Latin and Philippine characters to make you understand what I mean.




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