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Scanned letters

i want to do a simple book of old scanned handwritten letters my grandfather wrote during WWII, nothing written by me, just his scanned letters.  His letters are various sizes, the largest being 8x11.  I have scanned each page of each letter as a single jpg.  lt seems like LULU wants you to upload just one file for your book.  I have about 200 images of letters i'd like to upload.  is this a no go then?  If it would work, do I select a template of 8x11 and use that?  If it is better to have the whole thing already prepped as 1 whole document, with one page of each letter for one page in the book, does anyone know how to create a bunch of scanned jpegs into one PDF doc that would meet the specs Lulu requires?  Thank you.


  • Your best bet would be to build a document that uses all these images one to a page, then convert said into PDF and upload it.
  • A PDF is limited to a certain amount of bites so it is quite possible you'll have to upload several PDFs for the same project. I don't know how Lulu stitches them together into a single book, and if the result is good because I have never tried it.

    Mind you, transmitting a large file through SmartFTP is easy. The problem is converting your original file into a PDF. If it is too large (because of the scans that require a lot of memory), your PDF converter won't have the capacity to do the job.

    If your word processor can generate an index, I'd advise you to make one. With documents like yours, the technique consists in writing key words at the top of the page, collect all these key words in a single file, one after the other at the rate of one word per line, sort them in alphabetical order, and have the index generated at the end of the book. It helps a lot if your want to retrieve an item of data. 

  • If you create multiple files to upload for your project, you can simply choose the files from the My Files list as part of the print book wizard interior files step. 

    Lulu will "stitch" together the files in the order in which they appear in the upload step, so make sure you name the files so that you can easily determine the order in which they should appear in your book.

    Once the final file is created, we will provide a link to the "Print-Ready" PDF file for you to download and review.

  • I have 200 files to upload, can Lulu handle that for 1 book?  I read somewhere the max is 100?  and i have to do it one at a time, which is crazy.  I don't know how to do FTP and have read people having probs with it.  I have Mozilla browser.

  • Lulu suggests a certain number of FTP programs. I bought the SmartFTP one.

    How large is each of your files? Do you mean you made a file for each letter?

  • I have a similar project, also with WWII letters, and I think I may have more than 200.


    From what I'm reading here, it sounds like the best approach would be to take scans of the letters and embed them in documents (probably not just one, but rather multiples so that it's not too large), then convert the documents to PDFs, then upload the separate PDFs in order.


    Has anyone tried this with a large number of images, and if so, do you have any feedback on results or any issues you ran into?




  • potetjppotetjp Professor


    May I advise you to type key words at the top of each page, and make an end index of them. This feature would considerably increase the intellectual value of your printed books, and make searching them easier.

  • bnewcol wrote:

    I have 200 files to upload, can Lulu handle that for 1 book?  I read somewhere the max is 100?  and i have to do it one at a time, which is crazy.  I don't know how to do FTP and have read people having probs with it.  I have Mozilla browser.

    I would try placing them all into one file, for example, opening a word file and inserting a picture, then another, and so on.


    Once you have them all together, convert THAT document into a PDF.


    Or if you have acrobat, you may be able to write a PDF with each image inserted in the right order -- Word sometimes doesn't handle images well, and converting to a PDF may change the resolution.


    Speaking of resolution, you may need to reduce the size of the images. I don't mean stretching the corners to fit the page: I mean using a photo editor program and telling it to "resize" each image. Generally, if an image as it comes from the photo editor is about 1000 pixels or less on the longest side, it will fit nicely on one 8 1/2 x 11 page.


    Resizing the images will help you to reduce the overall size of the document in megabytes. Do a test of each image on your local printer to make sure that it still has a good resolution -- lines look sharp, text can be read, etc. -- before uploading the finished file.


    As Glenn said, you can upload several files, and the website will assemble them in the order that you upload.


    Hope that helps.

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