Can't get my calendar 2 publish

I can't get my calendar to publish.  I have tried several times.  I get a moving clock icon and nothing else.  I thought maybe I needed wifi, but that isn't helping either.  What do I do?  Does it just take forever, meaning hours, for a calendar to publish?


  • It should take no more than a minute. Try backing up a step and republishing. What you describe is often caused by transmission interuptions.

  • i am also having problems trying to publish my calendar. i let the clock "spin" for three hours and nothing...and i have fast internet. what seems to be the problem? i even disabled m pop-up blocker. 

  • Me too! But for a PHOTO album using the PHOTOBOOK WZZARD.


    1. Fed my many pics properly (some 130 pages!).
    2. Reached my last Pic. No more pages bc no more pics needed. All is well.
    3. Was left with the PUBLISH button located at the top RH side corner of the screen.
    4. Hit the PUBLISH button, and remained circle-locked (used to be called X-CLOCK'ed) for some 3 hours.
    5. Thought the Lulu machine was heavily loaded, so went to have dinner, and came back...It was still circle-locked.
    6. Left the circle-lock running, and went to sleep.
    7. Next AM turned my laptop off to start fresh. Went thru the CREATE-PUBLISH cycle from START.
    8. Reached the last page and the PUBLISH button at the top RH side.
    9. Hit the PUBLISH button...and the work whizzed thru itself like a thunderbot! Finished my work superbly!

    Some additional helpful info pieces.

    1. I did my work from ISRAEL.
    2. Local Israeli time was around 18:00 (06 PM) - about 10 AM in the US - when the PUBLISH buitton was first hit.
    3. Next AM at 08 AM Israeli time (about MIDNIGHT in the US) is when I hit the  PUBLISH buitton the second time! ...and everything whizzed thru like a thunderbolt!

    Therefore I think that perhaps at certain times of the 24-hour clock, the LULU system in the US is very heavily loaded and is not capable of receiving all work requests. That means that the Lulu resources aren't sufficiently developed to permit  a 24-hrs around-the-clock.availability.


    As Lulu goes on developing itself and as the world becomes increasingly knowledgeable of LULU, it now behooves Lulu to investigate its resource capabilities. The world is 6 Billion+ people occupied. Imagine a day when 6+ Billion humans hit Lulu at 18:00 (6 PM) at night..! Would Lulu be able to breath? Of course the suggestion is a little presumptuous.(of 6+ Billion humans hitting Lulu at the same time) but the idea is very much valid, and Lulu should take the perspective in view...


    My Best.

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