Approved book not showing up in iBooks

My latest book, "Banish the Darkness" was approved a week ago for iBooks, yet when I click the 'Available on iBookstore' tab underneath the book on Lulu, it brings me to a generic iTunes page. Is there a change to iTunes that blocks me from seeing this or is it just an inordinately long lag between approval and appearance?


Thank you!



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I think you have to have the Itunes Player on your PC.

    And the site fully opens in that.


  • Normal lag.
  • I checked my other books - they all open on a web page w/o iTunes.


  • Hello Linlithgow

    From our eBook Distribution FAQ:

    I see an “Available on the iBookstore” badge next to my eBook title. Why can’t I find it on the iBookstore?

    When your eBook passes the Lulu Quality Assurance review and is sent to Apple, the Available on the iBookstore button is automatically applied to the title. Since Apple does not communicate back to us when your eBook passes their review process and is added to their catalog, we simply add the tag in preparation for its availability on the iBookstore.

    The only way for you to know when it is actually available is to conduct a periodic search.

    Helpful Hint: To search for your book on the iBookstore. Type the following URL address into your browser:

    Replace the xxxxx's with the numbers from your ISBN (without the dashes) and hit enter. If your eBook is available for purchase from the iBookstore, it will display in your browser.

    Note: the above link displays books in the US iBookstore. To see if your eBook is listed in other iBookstores around the world, change the /us/ to the country code of interest (i.e. uk, fr, ca, etc.). Click here to view a list of international iBookstores.

  • Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Teacher

    It appears one needs Itunes to do that ISBN search.

  • Thanks Glenn. You probably don't remember, but my last book got lost in the shuffle and so I was concerned about this one too since it's taken so long. I guess I'll just have to be patient; I have  reader who are anxious to have it on iBookstore and I want to pre-empt any issue before it becomes a bona fide problem!




  • Hi Holly

    If your book is not available in the iTunes store 4 weeks after its approval, please come back and let me know. I will follow up with our distribution team. 

  • Four weeks after you guys push it to iBookstore? Just want to clarify. Is there a way to tell when it was approved by you guys, because I don't see a date associated with it.



  • You'll only know by checking daily and recording it yourself.

    Sometimes Apple or B&N will reject it. If you are concerned then raise a Support request.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It's understandable that people are not, but they do need to be patient. If it was to do with a mainstream 'real' publishing house it could take a year to get in to retail.

  • Hi Kevin-

    I've actually had one book already 'lost', so once it happens, you can't help but wonder if it will happen again.


  • Hiya Glenn -

    I believe it has been just about four weeks to-morrow; the book was released on Sept 23rd and the iBookstore tag went to 'Listed' just over a week after that, if I recall. I'll be sure to write down the exact date in the future.




  • Heya Glenn -

    Posted last week... I believe it's been about four weeks - and I didn't see a response. Just want to know if you saw my ping.




  • My ebook shows that it's approved for all sites but the only site that it's not showing up for is the main one (for my audience) iBooks. I've used Lulu before and my book showed on every site including iBooks. It's been four weeks since approval.


    Any advice or suggestions?

  • and it also says an error message saying that it isn't a book in the U.S and I live in LA.
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