Providing Digital Defect Images

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Lulu strives to deliver high quality print-on-demand products, but since your books will be printed, packaged and shipped by humans, mistakes may occur. When you report your book arrived in less-than-perfect condition, we request digital images of shipping damage or printing errors.

Why must I submit a digital image?

Every print-on-demand order creates a unique product. While we have access to your order information and the source files used to manufacture your books, we do not have access to the physical copies you received. Therefore, we need visual documentation in the form of digital images to effectively investigate problems and determine what went wrong.

How do I submit digital images?

You may submit your images while reporting your issue. Click My Orders > I Purchased a Printed Product > Defective, Damaged, or Incorrect Order and choose I Still Need Help. Attach your digital images, include a description of the defect, and click Submit.

Digital Image Guidelines

Clear photos depicting the reported problem are necessary for speedy resolution of your support case. To provide the best digital images follow these guidelines:

  • If possible, use a digital camera to produce the images instead of a scanner. The light and patterns in a scanned image can obstruct or distort the content being scanned.
  • Ensure the book or shipping package is well lit when taking photos.
  • The image must be clear and large enough to show the problem. It is a good idea to review an image before uploading it. If you cannot clearly see the problem in the image, we probably can't either.
  • If more than one item is affected, please provide a group shot of the items showing the defect. Here are two good examples of group photos:


  • If you received an item you did not order, please provide a photo of the book(s) received, as well as an image of the packing slip included with the order.
  • If you have other copies of a previously printed project showing different print results, comparison photos with side-by-side copies of the projects are very helpful. Please specify from which order each copy in the photo(s) originated.
  • If you need to show a book’s cover and interior in the same image, partially open the cover to reveal the interior content, such as in this example:


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