I have already published edition 1 of my book,I am now working on edition 2 in which this time I would like to include photographs. My question is do photographs reproduce successfully on standard paper,or will I have to upgrade to a better quality paper? .


John Belchamber


  • As long as you properly prepare the photograph images you should get good and satisfying results.

    I've published many, many books on Lulu with photographic content and had no problems at all.
    I do spend as much time "prepping" the images as I do on formatting the text however.

    As always knock up a sample print as "the proof of the pudding is always in the eating".

  • I just published my book on Genealogy which included many photographs. The book is 192 pages, and was designed to be black and white. I did take Ken's advice and spent some time working to make the images the best I could, but I did have to use a few very old scanned images with poor resolution. Once I optimized the images to the best of my ability, I ordered a proof just to see how they actually turned out. They turned out beautifully!

    I have discovered that Lulu does a wonderful job of retaining image quality, even when you are forced to work with a poor quality image to begin with. You can get a good idea from looking at the PDF version of your book, but to know for sure how it will look on paper, Ken's advice is always worth taking. Order a proof and see for yourself what it looks like in printed form.

    That is the best way to find out for yourself. Proof copies are relatively inexpensive for what you gain in confidence on your final project. Good luck.

  • All true, I have one book with a few photos but you can only have it in black and white. The disappointment with Lulu is you can't choose to have a few colour pictures on selected pages it's all colour pages at great cost or none. Pity (greatly) that you can't select specific pages to be colour.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    In my books, photographs tend to come out too dark.

  • What do you mean when you say "prepping"
  • Before you add them to the pages on your docx, and/or before you upload images to the Cover Wizard.

  • If you are talking about printed books, use Photoshop to turn your colour pictures into black-and-white ones with the device called "shades of grey". Then make them half brighter and half more contrasted before embedding them into your text.

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