deleting or correcting in Shameless Promotion

I realized today I wrote "Centy" instead of "Century" in the title of the promotion of Seventeenth-Century events at Lilíw. I just can't find a way to correct it of erase the whole post. How do you do it?


  • You don't, you can't.
    Send a "pretty, pretty please" PM to Forum Admin as only he can delete a Blog entry.
  • Hi Potetjp

    I updated your title.

    For future reference, the permissions for Shameless Promotion are set to allow you to edit your own posts. Click on the post title to open the post and click Article Options.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Thank you so much, Glenn_H.

  • Nice to see the new Schedule Date feature. 

  • And, authors can now save draft versions of their announcements.

    It just keeps getting better...

  • Just be sure you are logged into your account before you go to your Shameless post and click on the title.  Otherwise, when you click on your post title and then Article Options, you will not get the Edit option in the drop down box.

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