Save old project revisions in Lulu

how do i save a new revision, without loosing my old one?  i just want to try different ook format and sizes, and i want to be able to go back to my old revision if I chose to.

thx a lot




  • Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author Author

    You have two options:

    1) Click Revise next to your published project name. Then click Create New Revision. You can the play around with the files and format. Please keep in mind that your source (manuscript) files must for formatted to fit the new format (page size, margins, etc.). When you are through fiddling around with the formats, you can simply delete the draft version. Your currently published work will be unaffected unless you complete the publication process.

    2) Create a new project using the same manuscript files, but with different options. The same caveat applies that your source files must be formatted for the new format.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thx Glen.

    When i am finished playing and i save the project would i have the 2 revisions listed there or just the latest?



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius Lulu Genius

    A Revision is just that, so if you do not want to lose old versions then the only option really is to create New Projects, but do it on Private.

  • Hello


    I have sent an email to support in relation to an issue related to creating a new revision and then deleting it.


    I no longer required the new revision - wanting to go back to my original (first revision)  - but when I clicked delete, it said I was not allowed to delete (only retire), subsequently retiring my new revision.


    I thought all was well until I tried to go back into my orignal version to view. First of all, it is telling me the book is now distributed in Amazon, etc (when I click on the manage distribution button), when I haven't yet clicked approve or received my proof copy yet. And secondly, it will not let me go into this original revision to 'revise'. I just basically want to be able to go back in and copy out my description etc, so I can use thw wording again for an eBook version.


    Please advise.


    With thanks

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